Time Gentlemen, Please!

Time Gentlemen, Please!

Help Dan and Ben save the world from themselves!


  • Great, sparky dialogue
  • Crazy, irreverent plot


  • Not suitable for everyone

Very good

Time Gentlemen, Please! is the sequel to the off the wall and definitely adult adventure Ben There, Dan That! Once more, you are invited into the humorous and illogical world of Ben and his sidekick Dan.

Like its predecessor, Time Gentlemen, Please! is a point and click adventure, with crazy story that needs your puzzle solving abilities to move forwards. There is nothing revolutionary about the mechanics, but the great sense of humor, and the sense that the story might literally fly off in any direction makes it a really enjoyable experience.

Ben and Dan's characters joke about everything, and it's not suitable for young gamers at all! As long as you're not easily offended, this quirky game is a great example of what big studio efforts can't do. You will only find such odd ball stuff in a small game like this.

The visuals are similar to the previous game, but there are some much smoother effects this time. The sound isn't brilliant, and all of the speech is text on the screen. The puzzles sometimes seem a bit unfair, but the dialogue is funny enough to keep you looking for solutions.

Time Gentlemen, Please! is a great adventure, with a unique sense of humor. A must for fans of the genre.

Time Gentlemen, Please!


Time Gentlemen, Please!

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